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During the last 3 years the amount of new internet sites offering free trivia games has climbed from 1 to more than 20 different websites, from all countries and with trivia quizzes covering all the topics. Free will bring you the very best of these sites, with tips and information that would help you enjoy and learn from your online trivia time. Please note that while few sites offer trivia quizzes to practice, where you actually compete against yourself (fun trivia), so sites offer mutliplayer trivia games where you play with or against other people. Most of the sites have free sign up and you can play for free as longas you like. Some give you free trial and offer you to play for points or play for real money. Some sites offer you to play for free but win cash money in trivia tournaments.

The best FREE trivia website to play for prizes or for fun: Trivia Mania

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More trivia directories

you can find many small sites like this one which are dedicated to different trivia topics and aspects. Free trivia is a similar website to this with more general information. You can check out Free trivia questions to learn what is a good trivia question. Some directories like Deal or no deal game or 1 vs 100 are only focused on one specific game. Other sites, like general knowledge trivia or trivia questions and answers cover a wide variety of trivia topics